Beltane Sabbat Ritual Box: Invoke The Spirit of Fertility & Abundance

Beltane Sabbat Ritual Box: Invoke The Spirit of Fertility & Abundance

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Step into the magickal realm of Beltane with Burgrune's enchanting ritual box, created to guide and initiate you in the magick and mythology of the season, and deepen your connection to the spirits of fertility, beauty and abundance.

Your Beltane Ritual box is a treasure trove of specially blended botanicals and handcrafted materia magicka, just waiting to be unpacked and discovered by you. Each element has been expertly handcrafted to enrich your spells and rituals with the seasonal energies of fertility, vitality, growth and abundance.

Use your magickal collection to awaken your inner magick, create a powerful and resonant altar space, and invoke the spirits of Beltane.

Your Beltane Sabbat Ritual Box contains:

Burgrune's Bhel Herbal Tea

Awaken your senses to the fiery and floral spirit of Beltane with this vibrant blend of wild thyme, red clover, spring nettle, gorse and hawthorn.

Light the Fires of Bel Candle

A majestic pillar crafted with pure beeswax, crowned with hawthorn blossom, gorse, and thyme, invoking the ancient fertility gods and spirits of the land, heralding the arrival of summer's warmth and vitality.

Bhel Anointing Oil

A gentle infusion of yellow bedstraw (gallium velum), wild thyme, nettle, apple blossom, and hawthorn, scented with rosemary, calendula, and rose essential oils. Anoint with Bhel to honour the beauty and power of Nature, and allow the healing and protective energies of these most sacred faery herbs to awaken your potential to blossom into your truest self at Beltane.

Faery Fertility Spell Kit

Craft your own fertility charm with traditional and natural materia magicka, to foster the spirit of love and fertility that permeates all aspects of life, during this period of great blossoming.

As your craft your spell, you will be invoking the faery spirits of fertility and abundance, and triggering your innate powers of creativity, self transformation and manifestation, as you birth your dreams into being.

Faery Charm Magickal Incense

Cleanse your altar space in the ethereal aroma Faery Charm Incense, a mystical blend of herbs, barks, flowers, and resins dedicated to the Beltane faeries.

Beltane Ritual Guide

Enhance your magick and rituals with your comprehensive guide to Beltane, with inspiration, guidance, and practical wisdom for crafting meaningful spells and rituals that resonate with the energies of Beltane.

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