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Bitter Rose Spirit Conjure Powder

Bitter Rose Spirit Conjure Powder

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Burgrune's Bitter Rose Spirit Conjure Powder is a complex, warming and earthy incense with a velvety aroma, handcrafted for chthonic magick, and rituals which call on the ancestors and ancient spirits of the land.

Materia magicka

Bitter Rose is handcrafted with herbs of wormwood, rose, patchouli, mint, mugwort, sage, rosemary, mullein, turkey tail and yarrow flowers, with pure essentials oils of myrrh, rose damask and musky vetiver.

Burn methods

Burn Bitter Rose Spirit Conjure Powder at the altar as an offering to the spirits. This might be outdoors in a sacred place in your local nature, or when invoking deities and ancestral spirits.

Pour half a teaspoon of the powder onto a fireproof incense dish, and run the flame of your match along the top of the incense pile, allowing the embers to burn and smoulder on the dish. The incense should burn steadily for a few minutes. You can also burn this conjure powder on resin charcoal.

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