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Magical Herbal Bath Tea • nourish your spirit and body

Magical Herbal Bath Tea • nourish your spirit and body

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Burgrune’s Herbal Bath Brews are a tonic for the mind, body and soul. Choose from three naturally fragrant blends, with healing herbs, barks roots, and flowers, inspired by Old English medicinal herbs and traditions.

We all know how restorative a hot bath can be, but soaking in medicinal waters aligned with your intentions makes a truly nourishing bathing experience.

Choose from three intentional blends:

Moon Ritual Bath

A lunar blend of mugwort, jasmine, white willow bark and a dash of peppermint, scented with pure essential oils of gardenia, yarrow and garden mint. Perfect for a cleansing full moon bath.

Solar Ritual Bath

A solar blend of apothecary rose, calendula, yellow dock root and yarrow flowers, scented with pure essential oils of rose geranium, yarrow and frankincense. Not just for summer, but perfect for enhancing your positive energy and vitality all the year round.

Prophetic Dreams Bath

A nocturnal blend of mugwort, passionflower, lavender, chamomile and hops, scented with pure essential oils of chamomile and lavender. Perfect for enhancing peaceful dreams and dream recall.

Each herbal bath kit includes a large jar filled with your chosen blend, a hand-engraved wooden spoon and two strong, reusable muslin bags, and a ritual guide to herbal bathing.


Bath tea might sound like a new idea, but in fact bathing in medicinal herbs has been practiced for thousands of years to treat many ailments, and to cleanse the body and spirit.

The Romans, for example, poured gallons of fragrant lavender water into their famous bath houses to promote deep peace and relaxation. Medieval healers also left behind many recipes for therapeutic herbal baths for curing various ailments, such as adder bites, muscular aches and pains and skin conditions, for example.

Burgrune's Herbal Bath Brews takes inspiration from the old recipes and methods, and are adapted to resonate with modern day magick and intentions.


Burgrune’s Herbal Bath Brews are cruelty-free, plastic-free and use only natural ingredients to ensure your mind is free to focus on your intentions.

Each bath brew comes in a beautiful presentation box which can be gifted to someone special, or stored away out of the sunlight to preserve the potency of your blend.


When considering buying herbal products it's important to check the ingredients carefully for any allergens you might have, and to make sure these ingredients do not contraindicate with any prescription medication you might take.

If you are pregnant, you should not use herbal products unless they have been okayed by a qualified medical practitioner who you trust. Many herbs are powerful emmenagogs, which stimulate blood flow to the pelvic area and can cause menstrual bleeding and miscarriage.

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