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Magickal crone poppet doll ritual box

Magickal crone poppet doll ritual box

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The poppet doll isn’t just for cursing, but works wonders for spells of binding, manifestation and protection, among many others.

These human like charms used in magick have a deep and ancient history spanning all the world civilisations. They can be used to affect transformation in yourself and in others, for better or worse.

The magickal Crone poppet is crafted with herbs of the forests, fields and hedgerows, crystals and warming winter spices. The Crone sits at the end stage of life, as the keeper of the mysteries of ageing, wisdom and transformation. She is the embodiment of winter and represents Nature's waning, characterised on the one hand by ageing, withering and dying, but on the other, wisdom and knowledge, stillness, vulnerability and a different kind of beauty only found in the extreme wilderness and rugged landscapes.

Use your Crone poppet in winter spells and rituals, and as a tool of manifestation and becoming. Your ritual box comes with a full initiation into the spells and wisdom of the Crone, which will align your magick with the spiritual energies of the dark half of the year.

Your poppet doll ritual box contains:

  • Crone Poppet
  • Pine and Juniper Smoke Cleansing Blend
  • Beeswax Spell Candle
  • Cailleach Pure Essential Oil Anointing Blend
  • 3 Binding twines
  • 3 Handmade parchment pieces
  • 3 Sealing wax beads
  • 2 Charcoal discs

Your poppet doll is handcrafted with natural materials and herbs, and should be kept in a dry environment such as in a box or a drawer, preferably wrapped in a special cloth for safekeeping. As long as she avoids the damp and keeps out of sunlight, she should last you a lifetime.

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