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Persephone Rising Ritual Oil | Fertility, Growth, Renewal

Persephone Rising Ritual Oil | Fertility, Growth, Renewal

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Persephone Rising Oil is a vernal essence which honours the transition of Spring, and harnesses the sacred energies of fertility, renewal, regeneration, beauty, and boundless creativity which animate the spring time. 

And while Persephone Oil honours the spring, it is a powerful talismanic oil that should be used all the year round to evoke these magickal, spring-like energies when you need them most. 

Ritually handcrafted with reverence, Persephone Oil is a harmonious fusion of locally foraged, medicinal spring herbs: cleavers, primula vulgaris, lesser celandine, petals of rose and daisy, and wood violet. 

Each ingredient has been carefully selected for its potent energetic properties, ensuring a deeply enriching experience for the sense. The oil has been infused for an entire year in sweet almond oil, resulting in an elixir which radiates with renewal and vitality. 

Here are magickal and intentional ways I recommend using Persephone Rising Oil: 

As a herb-infused perfume oil:
Your oil can be worn as an uplifting fragrance with the benefits of a nourishing plant oil. Its sweet, floral and herbaceous scent will inspire creativity and attune you with nature's fertile energies.

As a ritual anointing oil:
Apply your oil to yourself, written prayers, journal pages, tools, items, and candles to infuse them with the sacred essences of spring.

How to anoint with magickal oil: 

Hold the bottle between your thumb and forefinger, and gently shake to coat your forefinger with the oil. With reverence, anoint yourself or your chosen item, focusing on your intentions and the energy of spring's awakening.

How your Persephone Rising Oil has been crafted 

Persephone Rising is a rich infusion of locally foraged, medicinal spring herbs - cleavers, primula vulgaris, lesser celandine, rose, and wood violet. Infused from new moon to full, and blended with pure essential oils, your oil embodies the essences of the season. Adorned with dried specimens of wood violet, celandine, rose petal, and daisy petal. Its sweet, herbaceous, and floral scent invokes the spirit of spring.

It's important to note, that Persephone Rising is not just a fragrance; it's a magickal elixir for body, mind, and spirit. As you anoint with this nourishing oil, you will awaken your senses and align with the sacred energies of spring. Its essence will help you unlock the joy of regeneration, awaken your spiritual growth, creativity and inspiration in tune with nature. 

Housed in a 15ml glass bottle that can be recycled, Persephone Rising makes a beautiful addition to the altar space. It looks beautiful and tells the story of the radiant spirit of Persephone, as she makes her mythological ascent to the surface, heralding the return of green nature and the blooming of flowers!

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