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Prosperity Manifesting Salt for fortune

Prosperity Manifesting Salt for fortune

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A beautiful and rare jade salt, infused with herbs and oils of prosperity, wealth and money, blending the virtues of Mercury and Venus.

Use this genuine green witch's salt in your spells of prosperity, when manifesting wealth, or propitiating the deities who preside over fortune in matters of love and money.

Please note that Burgrune's Prosperity Manifesting Salt does NOT contain food colouring and will not stain hands or clothing, but it's also not edible, as it has been infused with pure essential oils which shouldn't be ingested. Take special care around delicate fabrics such as a leather wallets, silks or pockets which may absorb oils from the salts you use.

This salt isn't edible and should be used only for magickal spells and rituals.

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