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Faery Blessing Puca Anointing Oil

Faery Blessing Puca Anointing Oil

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Enter the mystical realm of the faeries with Burgrune's Faery Blessing Puca Anointing Oil, a sacred elixir crafted with ingredients from the land of the mischievous Puca. This rich infusion of red clover, wild thyme, yellow lady’s bedstraw, nettle, gorse, hawthorn, and oakmoss, blended with essential oils of calendula, chamomile, rosemary, thyme, basil, ylang-ylang, frankincense, and myrrh, and adorned with green quartz, beckons the protection and blessings of the fae.

Legend has it that the Puca, a shapeshifting faery of Celtic folklore, roams the woodlands and fields, embodying the spirit of nature. Anoint yourself with our Puca oil before journeying into the faery realm to establish a friendly connection with these mystical beings. The robust, floral, and herbaceous scent evokes the essence of a summer meadow which meets the woodland edge, enhancing your spiritual experience.

Embrace the wisdom of the ancient traditions and rituals with Faery Blessing Puca Anointing Oil. Each bottle comes with a ritual guide, offering insights into working with the Puca and invoking faery blessings. Whether used for protection, guidance, or communion with the fae, your oil serves as a potent tool for deepening your connection to the natural world and the unseen realms.

Enhance your spiritual practices by anointing your wrists and temples with Puca oil, inviting faerie blessings into your life. With its enchanting aroma and powerful botanical properties, Puca oil promises to accompany you on a journey of magic, wonder, and spiritual growth.

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