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Ritual Incense Box with burner

Ritual Incense Box with burner

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This ritual incense box is perfect for beginners, or if you’re looking for a special witchy gift, as it contains everything you need to start working with loose incense.

Ritual Incense Kit contents:

  • Your colour choice of incense burner
  • Your choice of incense blend
  • Five charcoal discs
  • Tongs

Customise your box with an incense of your choice. Just let us know in the note which incense you would prefer.


A woody blend of woodland materia for emotional grounding, psychic healing and spiritual growth.

Artemis Rose
A floral blend of mugwort, rose, myrrh and frankincense for evoking the divine feminine within.

Minerva’s Dream
A serene blend of nocturnal herbs, chamomile, lavender, hops and skullcap for evoking peace and wisdom.

A tranquil blend of autumnal materia for communing with deities of sky, wind and rain, for healing and communion with the land.

Light of the Sun
An energising blend of solar materia for evoking the virtues of the Sun deity, for healing, strength and prosperity.

Faery Charm
An honey-scented blend of sacred faery materia for communing with Nature spirits.

A blend of yarrow, heather and myrrh to evoke protection, healing, strength and fortitude.

Water Naiades
A delicate, minty blend of herbs and flowers ruled by the element of water and the moon, for evoking the prophetic powers of the water nymph.

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