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Selection of magickal herbs for all your spiritual needs

Selection of magickal herbs for all your spiritual needs

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Select from Burgrune's range of magickal herbs and add a note with your order listing the herbs you would like to receive.

AGRIMONY (20g), Agrimonia

BETONY (20g), Betonica officinalis

BLESSED THISTLE (20g), Centaurea benedicta

CHAMOMILE (20g), Matricaria chamomilla

HOPS (20g), Humulus lupulus

HYSSOP (20g), Hyssopus officinalis


LAVENDER (20g), Lavendula officianlis

MAIRGOLD (10g), Calendula officinalis

MOTHERWORT (20g), Leonurus cardiaca

MUGWORT (20g), Artemisia vulgaris

MULLEIN FLOWER (10g), Verbascum thapsus

NETTLE (20g), Urtica dioica

RED CLOVER (15g), Trifolium pratense

ROSE (10g), Rosa gallica

SAGE (20g), Salvia officinalis

VALERIAN ROOT (20g), Valeriana officinalis

WORMWOOD (20g), Artemisia absinthium

Your herb packets are made to order and are handled with care and integrity. Each packet comes with an inserted guide to the magickal properties and ritual uses.

Burgrune's herbs are sourced from Herbal Apothecary and Organic Herb Trading Wholesalers in the UK, where they have been tested and certified food safe. Our herbs are stored in sealed foil packets inside airtight containers to keep them fresh and safe from sunlight.

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