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Sien: Elven Sight Mystic Oil - Boreal Forest Anointing Elixir

Sien: Elven Sight Mystic Oil - Boreal Forest Anointing Elixir

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Step into the mystical realm of ancient forests with Sien: Elven Sight Mystic Oil. Crafted from rare ingredients found deep within the boreal forests, this anointing oil is infused with the potent essence of fly agaric, pine needle, and pollen, along with pure essential oils of pine, cedarwood, and vetiver.

"Sien" is derived from Old English, meaning "seeing," reflecting its connection to shamanic practices and folklore surrounding the supernatural beings of the northern forest. Encased in a 30ml glass bottle, this elixir offers a glimpse into the hidden realms beyond.

This mystical oil serves as a conduit between the earthly and spiritual realms. Just a dab on each eyelid is all it takes to awaken your inner vision, allowing you to perceive beyond the veil and commune with the spirits of nature.

For thousands of years, fly agaric has been revered for its ability to stimulate the subconscious mind and facilitate spiritual communion. Its symbiotic relationship with fir, pine, and spruce trees imbues this elixir with unparalleled strength and potency.

Channel the wisdom of the boreal forest and commune with the elusive elves of ancient folklore. Evoking the earth element, Sien bridges the gap between worlds, offering a pathway to enlightenment and spiritual insight.

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