Collection: Artisan Spell Boxes

Burgrune's range of spell boxes covers the most important spells that everyone needs, from increasing prosperity to attracting love, blessing your home, banishing negativity, and much more.

An artisan spell box makes a unique and meaningful gift for yourself, or someone with an interest in magic, spirituality or modern witchcraft, or a need that can be met with magic!

Each box is dedicated to a single intention, yet we take care to ensure your set is versatile and encompassing, empowering you to work according to your own interpretation and beliefs, and infuse it with your own energy.

To practise magic is to participate in the cycles and rhythms of the natural and unseen realms. Through ritual, spell and incantation, in concert with the seasons and celestial phases, when performed with intent, your magical workings align you with the greater forces of change and transformation, positively influencing your destiny.

Each spell box is crafted with care and attention to detail, and draws on historical research and authentic materia, to create a memorable and meaningful magical experience. Items are handmade with the highest quality natural materials, including locally sourced beeswax, organic herbal teas, pure essential oils, and foraged herbs and flowers from our local countryside and riverbanks in the South West of England.

Your box comes with a comprehensive guide to the magic and mythology of your spell, step-by-step directions, and further inspiration for growing your power and confidence, and thus the effectiveness of your magical working.

You'll find each item individually and carefully wrapped in eco-friendly and sustainable packaging, making your spell box not only a powerful aid to self transformation, but also a joy to receive and open!