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Aurora Self-Renewal Healing Flame Ritual Candle

Aurora Self-Renewal Healing Flame Ritual Candle

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Ritual candle in jar infused with a magical offering for the dawn goddess, Aurora.

Place the candle in the windowsill or at your altar. Light the flame at sunrise to call in Aurora's blessings.

This candle is made with white beeswax and lilac fragrance oil, with a herbal and crystal offering corresponding with the energies of healing, cleansing and self renewal.


Follow correct Fire Safety guidelines for burning ritual candles.

The herbs on this candle will catch fire momentarily and may produce hazardous sparks. Please keep the candle at least 30cm away from curtains and all flammable fabrics, and out of the way of draughts.

Place the candle on a fire proof tray or plate while the herbs are burning, and don't leave the candle unattended until you deem it safe to do so.

Follow the correct Fire Safety guidance when using this ritual candle and any other candles: for guidance go to >

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