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Blackthorn & gorse magickal anointing oil

Blackthorn & gorse magickal anointing oil

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Burgrune's Blackthorn Protection Oil (30ml) is a potent oil that should be used in spells and rituals that banish, protect and purify negative energies from your space. Ritually infused with gorse, hawthorn and blackthorn, the flowers of indigenous herbs with powerful protective and healing properties, to aid your own regenerative powers and connection with Nature.

Use your protection oil to anoint candles, sigils and charms, and to anoint the body during ritual. (For external use only).

Burgrune uses only pure essential oils in organic carrier oils, and never synthetic fragrance oils, to ensure they are skin kind. Please do a test patch on the back of your hand before use to rule out any sensitivities you might have to any of the ingredients.

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