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Elixir of Prophetic Dreams

Elixir of Prophetic Dreams

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A blended tincture of meadowsweet, wood betony, mugwort, skullcap & lavender in 40% proof brandy.

This blend of complementary herbs is linked to dreams, sleep and divination.

Prophetic Dreams Elixir is the perfect aid for sleep divination, for spiritual journeying, and connecting with the spirit world through your dreams.

On the nights when you take your elixir, keep a journal by your bedside, and upon waking, record any dreams or experiences you had during the night. Reflect on any symbols or messages that may have been conveyed during the dream.

There may be many other benefits for Prophetic Dreams Elixir. However, due to Etsy's policy I am not able to make any medical claims that suggests or states that this tincture can prevent, heal, treat, mitigate or cure a medical condition or disease. Neither can I suggest or claim this tincture will affect the structure or function of the body.

Respectfully, I will not be able to provide any medical guidance on using any of Burgrune's tinctures, but I will always be happy to provide magickal and spiritual guidance.

As such, here are some answers to popular questions I've received about Burgrune's tinctures:

What is a tincture?

Burgrune tinctures are herbal extracts made by infusing blends of specially formulated flowers, herbs, barks and resins in alcohol to extract the beneficial compounds and properties.

The resulting tinctures are rich in the powerful essences of the plants, which support physical and spiritual wellbeing, and deepen your connection with divine nature.

How can I use tinctures as part of my magickal practice?

We are fortunate to live in an age were we can benefit from the magick and wisdom of our ancestors, while furthering our scientific understanding into the potential of plants to support and heal the mind, body and spirit.

Using herbal tinctures is a highly effective way to work with the spiritual properties of healing herbs.

Tinctures should be taken as part of your daily wellbeing rituals, such as trauma healing, sleep and relaxation, boosting energy, and focusing and improving the mind and emotional stability.

A bit of ancient history

The art of tincturing has a long and fascinating history around the world, which arose from the 'magico-medico' tradition of the ancient healers, and connects us with valuable ancestral wisdom.

Celtic and Druid cultures of the British Isles, for example, made infusions with many of the healing plants we know and love today, using knowledge and wisdom passed down through the generations. Wine, brandy and spirits were commonly used to make herbal tinctures.

In the Old World, where sorcerers, shamans and priests were also the village healers, there was little distinction between 'magic' and 'medicine', and these practices often overlapped.

The ancient healer was engaged in a deep relationship with the divine, and would use various charms, incantations and spells, alongside medical knowledge of local and exotic plants, to cure and alleviate the suffering of the sick.

Over the centuries, as medical science became more advanced, the ancient healing traditions forked into the separate branches of folk medicine and modern scientific medicine. The ancient wisdom began to wane and much of it has been forgotten down the generations.

Not all folk remedies of the past are deserving of being passed down and preserved, however. Indeed many remedies endured back then would be shocking today.

Take the example of 'Mumia', which referred to the powdered remains of mummified human corpses, believed to posses strong magickal and medicinal properties! While we wouldn't want to resurrect this remedy and will happily leave it in the past, the ancients saw no distinction between mind, body and spirit, and saw all things interconnected in life.

We could do worse than to preserve this powerful, ancient belief in the divine spirit of Nature, that can be harnessed for spiritual and bodily wellbeing.

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