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Naiades Anointing Oil for prophecy and clairvoyance

Naiades Anointing Oil for prophecy and clairvoyance

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Naiades anointing oil comes with a ritual guide to working with the spirits of freshwater springs, lakes, rivers and streams.

A light and delicate, rare anointing oil, ritually crafted with sacred materia of the Naiades, freshwater nymphs with powers of clairvoyance and prophecy.

Naiades corresponds with the element of water and the moon. Use this fresh and fragrant magickal oil to anoint your wrists and temples, also your candles and ritual tools, to prime your mind for divination and meditation, and align with the tranquil energy of the full moon and flowing water.

Naiades oil is a powerful infusion of water mint, jasmine flowers, marsh woundwort and skullcap, blended with pure essential oils of jasmine, lavender, garden mint, clary sage and gardenia, and a freshwater pearl, for communing with the healing spirits of water. The scent is delicate, bright and fresh with notes of sweet blossom and cooling mint.

Your oil comes in a 30 ml glass bottle.

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