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Serenity Tincture

Serenity Tincture

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Serenity Tincture is a blend of nervine (relaxation) herbs to take when working through stress, anxiety and nervous tension.

Serenity Tincture is made with the herbs of motherwort, passionflower, skullcap, lavender, meadowsweet and hops, which have macerated in 40% proof brandy for three full moons.

Each 30 ml bottle has a pipette so you can take drops orally with ease.

Take a half dropper of Serenity Tincture twice daily to aid your sleep and relaxation rituals, or just a couple of drops under the tongue when you're feeling stressed or anxious.

If you are taking prescription medication or have a health condition that is currently being investigated by medical practitioners, please consult a doctor on the herbal ingredients before taking Serenity Tincture.

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